Technopreneurship example business report

As the number of local "technopreneurs" and startups has grown, the government is enthusiastically backing these new innovators with assistance, advice, and best of all, free capital.

Customers will receive notifications about the progress of their transaction with the company, whether it is about the cost of their orders and its breakdown, payment status and delivery. This will also make the company to keep phase with the current trend in the society. Stock monitoring is conducted every Monday by the warehouse custodian.

They have the sales book and spreadsheet to tally the deducted item from the total quantity of items. But now, things have changed. The virtual world is probably more dangerous and unsafe than the real world.

On the other hand, kids use their mobile devices mainly for social interaction with friends. But, mobile phones do not have that same kind of software for the safe browsing of your children via mobile. It is now our need, and at the same time, our want.

From an economic view point it is also proving to be a valuable concept, as the life-cycle of manufactured products increases as the technology which develops them improves; meaning products are tending to need replacing less frequently.

Technopreneurship Essay

But unfortunately, as I was browsing the forum, it was already proposed by Juvilyn Consejo. Clearly there is much more to Human Resources than those processes.

They only estimate the critical level of the items before they order like the setting the items to be in critical level when an item goes below 10 rolls as in the case of HDPE. Parents allow their children to have mobile phones for communication and safety purposes.

This software works like the Opera Link that is also available with their mobile browser Opera Mini. They will only have a delivery of the items if they will be the one who will make the project.

Under the old manual ordering systems, it takes up too much time to process. Inspired by the tales of the initial Internet-made millionaires from America, Singaporeans have jumped on the Internet and technological bandwagons and intend to ride them for all they're worth.

I do not want to post the same concept because she might think that I was stealing or copying her idea because she posted in the forum first. Nowadays, mobile phones are essentially handheld computers, so worries about your child stumbling across the pornographic or violent contents, or being groomed in chatrooms, via personal computer or laptops now apply equally to their mobile phones.

All types of customer without contract with Ramcrete are considered as walk-in.Mar 15,  · Incremental - routine business, modest industry. Example: new coffee shop; Immitating - limitation of a venture, same business model and template.

Example: new regional branch and franchise operation; Rent seeking - business that utilizes standards. Nov 29,  · What is technopreneurship then?

As I understand it, technopreneurship is, by a large part, still entrepreneurship. The difference is that technopreneurship is either involved in delivering an innovative hi-tech product (e.g.

Intel) or makes use of hi-tech in an innovative way to deliver its product to the consumer (e.g. eBay), or both (e.g. most pharmaceutical companies).

My Business Proposal for our Technopreneurship subject Prior to this assignment, last meeting, we had an activity in which we were asked to form a group and create a business proposal out of the things that we love, things that we were best at, and our irritants.

May 03,  · sample business plan for technopreneurship Need to report the video? Business Plan Examples & Templates.

Risk Management for a Small Business Participant Guide Injuries and damages may be caused by your business or your business may receive damage. For example, a storm may cause damage to a business or a business may cause damage by selling a faulty product.

Either way, injuries. Business-to-Business (B2B) is a commerce transaction between businesses.


In this case, one business sells products or services to another business. For example, a manufacturer can sell to a wholesaler, or a wholesale can sell to a retailer.

Business-to-Business technology is a technological service or product sold to a business by another business to accomplish technological [ ].

Technopreneurship example business report
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